Collective Responsibility Day

Collective Responsibility Day Proclamation

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Collective Responsibility Day, December 1, 2015

WHEREAS, states around the nation have been allowing marijuana consumption; and

WHEREAS, there have been marijuana bills presented in Utah and there is a continual push from outside organizations to legalize marijuana in our state; and

WHEREAS, according to the Utah County 2015 SHARP data, 15.1% of Utah County high school seniors have experimented with marijuana; and

WHEREAS, the “Utah Cannabis Guiding Principles,” states as one of four principles to “Protect Families: The abuse of marijuana harms youth, adults, families, and communities. We support laws that send clear messages to youth and adults – no smoking, vaporizing, or eating marijuana. Research shows marijuana can damage the teen brain, cause addiction, affect memory, decrease motivation, increase onset of mental illness and impair motor skills.  Research also shows fewer youth believe marijuana use is harmful and marijuana use among youth is steadily rising. Lawmakers should adopt drug policies” based on hard science and reliable data “that promote a healthy community;” and

WHEREAS, the Utah County SMART Coalition (Substance Misuse and Abuse Reduction Team) would like to promote protection of youth through healthy policy and is launching a public message; and

NOW, THEREFORE, the Commissioners of Utah County do hereby proclaim December 1st Collective Responsibility Day and urge all citizens to work collectively throughout the year to protect youth, adults, families and communities from the dangers from marijuana and other harmful substances.

Proclaimed this ­­1st day of December 2015

Board of County Commissioners

Larry Ellertson, Chairman

Greg Graves

Bill Lee

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