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SMART Utah County is a local prevention coalition. SMART’s mission is to prevent and reduce alcohol, marijuana and prescription narcotic drug misuse/abuse among youth living in Utah County. We recruit members from 12 sectors of the community to affect change by accomplishing the yearly goals found in our action plan.

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What’s Going on with Marijuana in Utah?

Did you know that 1 in 6 teens who use marijuana regularly will become addicted? (Budney, Vandrey, Hughes, Thostenson, Bursac 2008, Budney, Roffman, Stephens, Walker 2007)

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Those who support marijuana use want to believe that addiction and dependence won’t happen. However, epidemiological, laboratory, and clinical studies clearly indicate that marijuana addiction is a common occurrence, especially for teens, and the adverse effects of that addiction can be very damaging. (Budney, 2006; Budney and Hughes, 2006; Copeland, 2004; Roffman and Stephens, 2006).

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